Young people: it’s up to us to change t

Young people: it’s up to us to change the world!
« Transform, revolutionize, engage, motivate, work, dare, dream, persevere, disrupt, plan » … these words will remain forever etched in my memory after participating in the 2016 American Express Emerging Innovators Bootcamp in Dakar.
As changemakers, we must not be satisfied with simply improving society, but we must continually seek to transform it, to disrupt the status quo with sustainable, progressive and positive ways of thinking and acting in our communities.
Achieving this vision will require a lot of motivation. By our sacrifices, we can measure our commitment. We see many people launch impressive projects, but only a few will end up as sustainable businesses; difficulties and obstacles hinder their momentum and sometimes their determination. But in my work, I have both motivation and perseverance! I will not fail because I now know that failure can be a pathway to success. Learning to fail is to learn to succeed because failure today prepares tomorrow’s success.
My words cannot capture the satisfaction I feel after being part of the Ashoka & American Express Bootcamp, it was a fantastic and unforgettable experience. What could be more wonderful than to meet, exchange and share experiences and learn from the other changemakers in an intercultural context?
Young people, we are the future of Africa and it is up to us to build an Africa and a world that is prosperous, equitable and worthy of future generations. My contribution to this effort will be educating young people to practice public speaking through the television show Africa Gawlo.
I ask you, will you join us so that together we can have a lasting impact and change the world?

Ngnaoussi Elongue Cédric Christian is Program Director of RIPAO-International Network for the Promotion of Public Speaking in ACP. He is also the bearer of Africa-Gawlo Project.


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