Child Refugee and Migrant Crisis: How Yo

Child Refugee and Migrant Crisis: How You Can Help

With the civil war now in its seventh year, Syrian children have hit rock bottom. More than 8 million urgently need your help. A generation of kids can barely recall life before bombings, fear, hunger and loss. But you can make a real difference. You can offer hope. Here are three things you can do today to help Syrian children.
1. Donate to Help UNICEF Protect Syria’s Children
Syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child. Nearly 1,300 children have been killed or injured during 2016 alone.
Inside Syria, 2.8 million children live under military siege or in hard-to-reach areas. At least 5 million Syrian children have fled their homes due to violence and war. Some are sheltering in camps within Syria, while others live in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt. More than 2.2 million Syrian children have also been forced to leave school.
2. Start a Fundraiser to Aid Syrian Children
Make a difference by starting your own fundraiser in support of UNICEF’s campaign to aid the more than 8.4 million children who have been hurt by the Syria conflict. You can help save a child’s life or give them hope and a chance for a better future.
Or donate to the Play For Syria Facebook Fundraiser, started by more than a dozen basketball players to support UNICEF programs for children in Syria and Syrian child refugees. Some of the players are American, some Syrian, some are former NBA, some former NCAA — but all have played ball in Syria. And all are deeply concerned for the children suffering there.
Learn more about the players and their fundraiser here, and help them spread the word by sharing their fundraiser with your networks!

3. Share Your Concern
Share UNICEF’s donation form for Syrian children or Facebook Fundraiser page on your social media channels, by email or even word of mouth.
Or, click here to voice your concern about the children of Syria by tweeting to your congressperson.


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